Virtual Sales Manager
detail, stability and flexibility all in one

Money, Time and Compromise. This is what finding and hiring the right sales manager demands. Investing in a full-time sales manager requires significant investment, even if that‘s not what you really need. But, guiding a performing sales team, gives you few alternatives. It becomes a necessary and costly pill to swallow. That was, until now. The answer to your predicament, is a Virtual Sales Manager (VSM).

Why Choose Our Flexible Virtual Sales Manager Service?

Primarily, you need a manager whose view of the world matches yours. With your aspirations and goals. With your mindset and ethics. Someone to provide that long-term relationship between you and your customers or clients. Someone who manages both the sales process and the sales team members. Someone to ensure everyone is working towards the company‘s stated goals.

Working alongside you, your Virtual Sales Manager will help you make the most effective use of the sales team, whilst putting in place policies, controls and practical processes to maximize client retention and profitability.

A Virtual Sales Manager can work set hours, every month, for predictable expenditure. And they‘ll always be available when you need them, by phone, email or in person. They can assist you in developing staff, liaising with marketing with the introduction of new products and/or services, gathering feedback from clients to improve effectiveness and, of course, keeping and assessing sales team‘s performance. All while ensuring tracking metrics and status are all clearly visible.

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So, that‘s superior sales leadership, at a fixed monthly cost, from an innovative leader and manager who sees your challenges and opportunities as their own. Here‘s some of what Your Sales Dept Virtual Sales Manager could help with:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Performance evaluation
  • Sales process (designing, updating, implementing)
  • Recruiting, managing and retaining sales department staff
  • Annual budgets
  • Contract reviews
  • Tracking metrics
  • Business support
  • Developing new markets
  • Negotiations
  • Renumeration planning
  • Staff motivation
  • Staff development

Of course, there are many other areas a Virtual Sales Manager can help a business. Hopefully, those listed above should give a flavour of what‘s on offer.

Your Sales Dept‘s Virtual Sales Managers - Exceptional Management, Innovation and Understanding

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