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Risk, time, effort is the price you pay when looking for a new training provider or new training courses. The price of admission can be high, particularly if you don‘t get the results expected. So, the question becomes, what do you expect?

If like us, your looking for practical skills, for every member of the sales team to use tomorrow, then you‘ve found the right provider.


Everyone knows how to negotiate, after all you have been doing it since childhood. However, negotiating well, knowing when to stop and when to yield are entirely different skills. Improve the negotiating skills of your team in a friendly fun environment to maximize the deal value from each and every negotiation.

A well-trained sales team is a confident sales team. A confident sales team is an effective sales team. Confidence leads to flexibility in sales negotiations, which leads to improved outcomes. Take a tailored course, that home in on the areas you want improving, delivered on or off site in private, so your team can express themselves in a blameless engaging environment. all this with the goal of improving skills, building confidence and closing more deals of higher value.


Presentation includes the look of the sales professional, the materials and manner they deliver their pitch. It includes the authenticity of the company and their approach. It encompasses far more than a PowerPoint slide deck. In many cases, it might mean no slide deck. Confidence in one‘s self, confidence in the materials and in the product or service all become vital parts of the presentation. Only when the presentation materials are second nature can delivery be confident and authoritative.

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Custom Content

The sections above are popular with those new to sales and the sales process and those looking to gain confidence. For others, we tailor training packages that meet the specific needs of the sales team members.

Custom packages tailored to your needs are possible because we have the skills and know the pitfalls of running a sales team. With that knowledge and experience, our custom packages tick all the boxes in terms of pace, content, complexity and the opportunity to practice and embed the learning and skills.


In our experience listening, speaking and passively learning are no substitute for actually doing. To that end, we have the sales team practice initially one-on-one and later with formal roleplay, where they each get to be the sales professional, working with a lead. Then, as a group, feedback with the instructor to improve every aspect of the delivery. Repetition is key to confident skill usage and supportive yet critical feedback essential to improvement. This means tomorrow, they can confidently use those skills with potential clients.

Enhance your team‘s skill set with training designed to boost sales performance.

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