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Stress, time and money. This is what it costs to implement a new or updated sales process or system. Investing in this kind of change has a long-term impact on the company, getting it right leads to all kinds of benefits, getting it wrong all kinds of problems. However, there is seldom any praise for getting it right and all too often much criticism should it go wrong. The solution is a Project Consultant (PC) or a Virtual Project Consultant (VPC), depending on the volume of work needed.

Why Choose Our Project Consultant Service?

Firstly, you need someone who understands the sales process and projects. This specialist role requires specific skills. A general-purpose project manager for example doesn‘t have the skills and insight needed for this task. You need someone familiar with the sales process, with the pitfalls of the sales pipeline, with software, processes and procedures and, equally importantly, who understands how to implement change in an organization and, specifically a sales department.

Working with your sales and other teams, your consultant will help you smooth over the people pitfalls, the software and process issues and make sure your project comes in on time and on budget. Projects fail all too often, because of incorrectly defined scope and goals. Knowing is, we can ensure the goals are well defined, the scope understood and budgets and timeframes identified, with a clear plan of what happens when, by whom and under what constraints. Risks understood and contingencies put into place.

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So that‘s guaranteed project outcomes, at a fixed cost, from an innovative project specialist who sees your success as their own. Here‘s some of what Your Sales Dept Project Consultant could help with:

  • Staff training
  • Project cost scoping
  • Sales process design or redesign
  • Software procurement
  • Software customization
  • System transition planning
  • Staff motivation
  • Project time planning and allocation
  • Project activity oversight/management

Of course, there are many other areas a Project Consultant or Virtual Project Consultant can help you with. Those listed above should give an idea of what we offer.

Your Sales Dept‘s Project Consultant - Planning, Managing and Delivering

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