B•PRIME: Master the Sales Process
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Sales Process Leadership

We created a new way of conceptualizing the sales process, the result is the B•PRIME system. Distilled into a book, Master the Sales Process, guides you through the 10 steps needed to create and run a performing sales system.

Purchase a copy of B•PRIME: Master the Sales Process direct and use the new ways of engaging with clients and potential clients improve your sales process and engagement.

What Exactly Is B•PRIME?

The B•PRIME Sales Process is a completely new way of engaging with potential clients. Once trained in the use of the system, the sales team can take their sales and engagement to a new level. Maximize conversion rates while leaving no potential client behind.

B•PRIME is a business transformation tool with a difference. Once trained in the use of the system, employees can take a potential client from very first engagement and walk them in a structured way through to becoming a client. It details what to expect, how to respond and how to establish communication and a long-term relationship.

And best of all, B•PRIME holds your hand every step of the way and backed by the people who created the system, giving you peace of mind.


  • provides tools that allow the sales team to engage with more potential clients
  • proven method to move potential clients forward in the pipeline
  • increases the value of your products and services
  • optimizes the value of your company and offerings in the eyes of clients.

Gain a competitive advantage with an enhanced Sales Process and the expert support to make it thrive.

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