B•PRIME: Master the Sales Process

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About the Book

Front Cover

Master the Sales Process
10 Steps to an Effective Money-Making Machine.
by Dr Katherine Bean PhD

Info:   Over 260 pages of business enhancing content. Clear getting started guidance, all backed by a comprehensive set of services to get you on track and move your sales activities to the next level.

Back Cover Wording

Do you have a Sales Process? Have you optimized the Sales Process you have? If the answer is NO, or yes, but you haven’t touched it in years, then B•PRIME is for you.

Solutions to this, along with compensation, motivation and a whole host of other sales related activities await you inside Master the Sales Process. Providing a 10-step system to walk you from start to finish in an ever-evolving world. A system designed to maximize the volume you sell and the value of each sale. Providing the best growth opportunity for your business.

Ideally, this book sits on the desk of every Sales Manager and everyone aspiring to that role, as it gives insights into how to nurture a potential client and build that long-lasting relationship.

We all know we should have a state-of-the-art sales process, designed specifically for our individual business needs, but we don’t, because it’s easier to just wing it, muddle through and worry about it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today and if you know you need a change, then grab a copy today and get that shiny new sales process in shape and working for the business. Turn your efforts into a Money-Making Machine.

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