A young boy smiling as he zooms on his bike.

Top 8 Reasons to Smile
for you & your contacts

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1 - People Like Happy People

It is obvious but people just like happy people. When someone is happy in the room, others gravitate towards them and share in that happiness.

If you are happy, then that will rub off onto other people. Become the happy person you want to see in others, and they will respond.

In any business situation, whether networking, on the phone or in a meeting, you will become more likable, because you are smiling, giving off welcoming vibes.

2 - Smiles are Contagious

Have you ever smiled because someone else was smiling? If the answer is ’Yes’, then you feel the contagious effects of smiling, so does almost everyone else.

The reason is not half as important as the fact that even when someone is in a down mood, a single person smiling will probably brighten their day as they copy the smile.

3 - Your Trustworthiness Increases

Studies show that smiling more, improves your credibility.

If you want to improve your credibility, simply smile more. What could be easier than that?

The researchers offered several reasons why genuine smiles increase trustworthiness. One possible explanation is that smiling decreases the smilers visual field and causes the smiler to focus on the other person more. It also tends to increase cooperation, which was the subject of the study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior.

4 - Your Attractiveness Increases

In a 2013 study by Golle, Mast and Lobmaier, they discovered that people rated less attractive, but who smiled, as more attractive. However, people rated as more attractive, but who hardly smiled, as less attractive. This means, no matter how attractive someone is when not smiling, they become more attractive when smiling.

Use this to your advantage. No matter how attractive you think you are, when you smile, you become more attractive. Couple that with an increased trustworthiness and things get even better.

Think about how you see a smiling person, do they seem easy going, friendly and do you feel they are easier to connect with?

5 - You Are More Approachable

People just like others who smile and so will approach you more readily if you are smiling. So, put on that smile and make some new friends and contacts. Start that new business relationship with a smile.

This is all backed up with studies that show social interactions become easier when participants smile. The smile indicates you are open and easy-going.

6 - Endorphins from Smiling

Endorphins are our bodies way of providing a reward for good behaviour. When you smile, the endorphins released by your body, reduce your stress and anxiety. Which, in turn, makes it easier to talk to new contacts/people. A win/win for everyone.

The chemicals released are the same ones you experience when doing sport, celebrating success and other physical activities. Smiling gives you that little boost without all the sweating.

7 - Smile to Relax

As shown above, smiling makes you relax by reducing stress. This is because it helps overcome our natural tendency to continue with the status quo. That is familiar activities.

In the business scenario that means, once again, meeting new people and being trustworthy. Relaxed people perform better.

8 - Look Younger by Smiling

Smiling changes the way our face moves, looks and feels. If you unreservedly smile, often all the way up to include your eyes, you are performing a mini facelift. The exercise contributes to making you look younger, more inviting and trustworthy.

Think how that will affect you whilst networking; presenting that sales proposal or simply meeting with colleagues.

The Smile Plan

Simply by smiling, you can increase your attractiveness, your trustworthiness and look younger. Add to that is the fact you are helping others feel better and your Prescription is a Smile Plan which you should adopt on a permanent basis.


Katherine Says

While this article talks about how smiling can help you in business situations, it doesn’t address what is perhaps the most crucial factor. Smiling helps you, personally, stay positive.

When you are feeling down, smile, if only to yourself and it will be difficult to stay down. Use this technique anytime life looks too stressful, even if nobody is there to see it. Just for yourself.

If you would like to see how this and other techniques can improve your sales performance, then contact me today.