Virus particles swirling.

COVID-19: Looking Forward
your new era of success

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As you are aware, the current CORVID-19 outbreak is causing all kinds of problems in the UK and worldwide. I don’t want this to be another of those emails that you are currently seeing, which simply fills up your inbox with an empty declaration.

I want you to understand that we are at what is probably a civilisation changing event. UK schools will close tomorrow and there is no date when they are planning to reopen. This, coupled with the advice to limit social contact, will have an extremely profound effect on people and their ability to do business.

To that end, we, as businesses in the UK and worldwide, must adapt to this changing environment. I have been using the following phrase for years “embrace change, before change embraces you”.

To those who had previously embraced change, as it occurred and moved with the times, this current profound disruption will be an opportunity to grow their business and capture market share from their competitors.

For those that waited for change to embrace them, unfortunately the outlook is not so positive. They run a significant risk of going out of business.

With all this in mind, I would like to offer our usual invitation to have a 1 to 2-hour free consultation with you to ensure that you are in the thrive and grow group.

If, as it appears at the moment, that we will be conducting business without much physical contact until the end of May, as per the government’s belief, then we, that is you and I, need to put in place a new business strategy, that will enable you to minimize your downside risk and to grow your client base. Even whilst other people are worried and panicking, we need to keep our heads, plan and then execute that plan for the future. This plan will need to be a completely different one to that you visualized at the beginning of the year.

If the virus progresses as the UK government expects, and the outbreak dies back during the summer months, then businesses might return to the status quo over those summer months. The expectation is that the virus will then re-emerge in the autumn (fall, for our American cousins). This will mean the social distancing, the closed businesses and the working from home will return, only this time, from about November until May. You need to be ready for that, because without a carefully targeted sales plan, many businesses which did survive the summer will not survive the winter and spring.

I want you to be one of the survivors, which is why I would like you to get planning today, even if that is without my assistance, to make sure you survive and, if possible, thrive.

No matter what, understanding the current situation and how it might develop is key to long term success. What will happen, if the COVID-19 outbreak does not fade away during the summer? What affect does that have on your plans and those whom you work with?

Now like no other time, we, as Small and Medium Sized (SME) businesses, need to come together; work together; forging a new path, which will lead to strong collaboration, and sound businesses.

Join me and create your own business and sales plan for the next 12-18 months, factoring in the CORVID-19 disruption. If you want help, call me on 0333 006 3800.

Katherine Says

It is better to plan ahead than to be reacting to events. This is why we recommend that you have contingency plans in place.

However, at this point it is too late. So, we work from here and plan with the resources available.

To be clear, working quickly within this new environment is critical to medium term success. There is nothing we can do in the short term, that boat has already sailed. But we can make sure that this situation works to our advantage, that means getting plans in place and executing that plan.

Contact me now so you can start reaping the benefits of being ready.